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Innovative Solutions for Your Tracking Needs

At Fetaca, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of GPS tracking technology. With a passion for innovation, we manufacture, import, and export GPS devices that set new industry standards. Our telematic devices, including asset trackers, pet trackers, and vehicle trackers, are built to exceed expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and convenience.

With Fetaca's wireless GPS trackers and compact devices, you can effortlessly monitor your loved ones, safeguard your assets, and keep a close eye on your vehicles. Our trackers combine advanced features such as live location tracking, magnetic attachment options, and OBD compatibility to ensure seamless integration and maximum functionality.


Introducing FeTaca’s Premier Offering – A Comprehensive Web Tracking Package


Experience the Pinnacle of FeTaca’s Product Line – A Robust Web Tracking Solution

Fetaca offers you convenient
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Real-Time Tracking

Gain precise visibility of every vehicle in your fleet with continuous updates and personalized alerts. Our services offer real-time information on location, speed, and ignition status through a user-friendly web and mobile interface. You can easily create geofences and monitor vehicle movements as they enter or exit specific areas, such as plants or designated zones

Recover Lost or Stolen Vehicles

Safeguard your valuable assets with round-the-clock visibility, proactive alerts for off-hours usage, theft detection, and unauthorized movement. Our system enables you to remotely disable power or fuel in case of theft attempts. Stay informed about panic or accident situations through a convenient one-click SOS button installed in your vehicles. Additionally, our parking finder feature helps you easily locate your parked vehicle in open spaces, ensuring peace of mind and convenience.

Smart Choices with Real Data

Generate and Automate 50+ Custom Reports for Data-Driven Decision-making. Our services offer actionable insights such as route deviations, idling alerts, and over-speeding alerts. You can set alerts at both vehicle and fleet levels, receiving notifications through mobile, SMS, email, and pop-up messages.

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